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Just south of lowbrow.

My bit of self importance & narcissism bestowed upon the internet one post at a time.

In no particular order because that’s just way too much for me to handle. I have no particular reason why I’m making this list. Maybe so a few years from now I can look back and say ”Hey, I was cool.” Okay, here goes.

1) The Who – Who’s next? anyone who knows me, knows Baba O’ Riley (it’s not called Teenage Wasteland, jerk offs!) is my favourite song of all time and I worship Keith Moon. He’s the second greatest drummer of all time, in my humble opinion, behind Neil Peart.  John Bonham fans will argue with me. Bring it.

2)  The Damned – Neat, Neat, Neat: The alternative Anthology. I don’t know why, but I could listen to The Damned over and over. Usually, after I’ve consumed copious amounts of booze.

3)  Bauhaus – Singles: 1979 – 1983 vol. 1 & 2. I’m putting both albums here, because its my list and I do what I want.  Peter Murphy’s distinct, imposing voice melts me every time I listen to “Bella Lugosi’s Dead” which I’ve been known to listen to on repeat, whilst driving, for a solid hour or more.  There is something about the mood Bauhaus sets that just gets me every time. To me, Bauhaus is much more intense than say Black Sabbath.  I like Birthday Party and Joy Division because of Bauhaus,  but, I think Bauhaus kicks both of their asses.

4) Ice Cube – Death Certificate. Because it is Cube’s best album, I don’t care what anyone says. It’s hard to listen to, but the musicality, the inventiveness and creativity in the beats are stellar. His lyrics not for the faint of heart, but always insightful.  (You were expecting “The Predator,” weren’t you?)

5)  ELO – The Essential Electric Light Orchestra. This album covers every mood I’m feeling, especially happiness.  Every time I throw it on, I immediately go to track 14 “Don’t bring me down” and I’m instantaneously put into a great mood. I listen to this record from beginning to track 14 (skipping track 15 “Roll over, Beethoven” because that song just irritates me). Anyone who disses ELO as a poor man’s Beatles I welcome them to meet me in a dark alley.

To be continued…


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