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Canada is not awesome Edition

After posting my reasons as to why the French are jerks, some persons were a bit upset because I said the Canadian military is as intimidating as the French military, and she gave me a list of 15 reasons why Canada is awesome. I’m here once again to discredit that notion, while adding a few reasons why Canada is better than France and has a few awesome things.

Note: This is in no way an attack on said person or Canada; it’s merely a subjective list.

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As a follow-up to a former colleague’s popular ” French are asked to smile” post, I thought I would clarify things for everyone as to why the French (namely Parisians) are notoriously dickish and universally hated.

(Note: None of these can be confirmed nor denied. )

1. France is still pissed off because they have been irrelevant since 1940.


2. They are upset about always eating raw food.  Steak Tartarè, anyone?

2b) They are all hungry.

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2006-toyota-prius-copy3Every time I see a Prius on the road I immediately become agitated and want to speed up next to them and honk erratically until the unsuspecting driver of said Prius looks over at me, so I can flip them off.  That- or swerve into them with my tough-as-nails American made piece of moving machinery.  I’ve wondered on several occasions why I don’t carry a sign that says “Fuck you and your Prius” to hold up when I’m next to them.  I’ll tell you why I hate the Prius:

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