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10 Things I Hate and You Should Too, Edition

No. 8, You're cordially invited to a brick party

1. 3 o’clock in the morning: I’m usually up at this time and 3 o’clock is the world’s way of telling me I’m a degenerate. How you ask? Because that’s when any semblance of decent programming goes off the air and I’m stuck with infomercials about male enhancement pills and the Aerogarden.

2. The voice black comedians use when making fun of white people: Seriously, we don’t all talk like we wear Lacoste and play tennis, nor do we talk like our mothers breastfed us too long, cut it out. Thanks!

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In no particular order because that’s just way too much for me to handle. I have no particular reason why I’m making this list. Maybe so a few years from now I can look back and say ”Hey, I was cool.” Okay, here goes.

1) The Who – Who’s next? anyone who knows me, knows Baba O’ Riley (it’s not called Teenage Wasteland, jerk offs!) is my favourite song of all time and I worship Keith Moon. He’s the second greatest drummer of all time, in my humble opinion, behind Neil Peart.  John Bonham fans will argue with me. Bring it.

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