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In no particular order because that’s just way too much for me to handle. I have no particular reason why I’m making this list. Maybe so a few years from now I can look back and say ”Hey, I was cool.” Okay, here goes.

1) The Who – Who’s next? anyone who knows me, knows Baba O’ Riley (it’s not called Teenage Wasteland, jerk offs!) is my favourite song of all time and I worship Keith Moon. He’s the second greatest drummer of all time, in my humble opinion, behind Neil Peart.  John Bonham fans will argue with me. Bring it.

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So, about a week ago, I decided I wanted to compile a list of my favorite albums.  Top 50 to be exact. It’s a lot harder than I would have imagined and I’m only on #6.  I may truncate it to Top 20.  Nevertheless, stay tuned.

Until then, enjoy these videos from bands who will be on the list:

Talking Heads – This must be the place

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